The Start

So this is the start, not of my life in software testing, but of blogging about my thoughts and experiences. I intend to use this blog to lay out some of my ideas, lessons learnt and hopefully a few problems solved but these are just my thoughts so please do leave a comment to tell me why you disagree!

I, and you, owe thanks to Pradeep for making me get this blog started, his excellent post about why all testers should blog got me thinking, and having spent a few years consulting, a bit of time building and leading test teams and most importantly, 6 years of actually testing software I hope to have found a few best practices (for me at least).

Right now I’m loving Agile, the shared sense of ownership, the emphasis on communication and the fast pace make projects a fun place to be but of course there are challenges too. I’m looking forward to seeing where the future of testing lies and hopefully you’ll join me on the journey.

Take a look at my About page to find out more about me or visit some of the other testing blogs out there, they’re well worth a visit. Let me know if you have, or read, other blogs that should be on my list.


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