100 hours of testing practice – getting started

At the end of last year I was inspired by this post on STC to spend 100 hours practising testing. Since the new year Mark Crowther has made an impressive start on his practising and I have umm well err mostly just been trying to survive the new year.

So, last week after a few nudges from Mark, I started my Codeacademy course, I’ll admit that learning Javascript was never exactly high on my list of things to learn but I can’t deny that I really need to improve my coding skills and the course itself is incredible. So far things are going well (I spent about 2 hours on it last week) so I hope to keep up the practice and start actually creating a test data generator to put the knowledge to the test.

The focus of this year is not going to be learning Javascript, it is going to be about learning automation, currently that is actually learning Selenium but I think this goal will adjust as the year progresses. To be truly successful with this goal, I’m going to need to understand Git, Jenkins and other things about creating and managing code, right now that looks decidedly impenetrable but that is really the point. Hopefully by focusing just a few hours each week I’ll slowly ship away at the opaque surface. I’ll try to keep you updated with my progress as I go.

So what are you planning to learn this year?


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