Let’s Test 2014 – Reflections

This time last year I had just spent a painful week watching the Let’s Test attendees tweet their way through a seemingly amazing week. I decided that I would make sure I didn’t miss out this year.

Now having returned home and taking a few days to catch up on sleep and digest the many many conversations I can honestly say that buying a ticket to Let’s Test was one of my better decisions in life.

As James Bach said before the event this is a conferring conference. The talks and workshops were interesting and useful but definitely less polished that at typical conferences. Everybody seemed to be attending the event to meet people and share ideas rather than because there was a particular talk that drew them there.

The conversations that took place during the conference were invaluable. I’m going to be digesting all the brilliant ideas and suggestions for some time. Expect blog posts on more specific topics to appear over the coming months.

For now I thank Henrik, Johan, and Ola for creating such a fantastic experience and thank all the people who I shared this great conference with.

I’ll leave you with a few photos.

Tim Lister opens the conference with his Keynote

The Sketchnoting workshop gets serious with Ilari and beer.

Just a regular start to Tuesday.


Michael protects a (covered) bowl of bacon from some hungry testers.

Learning skills that have no real application in life.



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