Visiting an Open Device Lab

When I first heard about TestPartners’ Open Device Lab on The Software Testing Club I was intrigued. Like many teams we try to design and test for the most popular web browser and mobile devices. Unfortunately as any mobile user knows the speed of change makes it difficult, and certainly expensive, to maintain a test device library.

Finally last week I had the need to visit the lab. After a couple of emails with Steve our booking was confirmed.

When you book in to the lab you have the option to reserve specific devices for testing. We didn’t have any specific requirements, really we just wanted to test some recent front end changes on a range of modern devices with varying screen sizes. When we arrived we were presented with a box full of tablets and phones. Each was carefully labelled and had a charger too – something that never happens with the devices I manage at work!

An information sheet provided full details of each device, including screen size and resolution. In addition we soon discovered that each device was set up with its own email address so we could capture and share screenshots of bugs and email URLs to the devices for quick checking.

We found TestPartners’ device lab to be extremely useful. The lab is located in Bank, London, close enough to our office to avoid major inconvenience. It certainly allows us to maintain a device library of only our most widely used devices and then supplement this with visits to the device lab.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ll be returning to the ODL in the near future!

Thanks to TestPartners for making their devices available for use.

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