A look back at 2014

2014 was the year that I resolved to do less stuff. I have a terrible time turning things down. Empty calendars seem to fill me with fear, and I simply can’t help getting involved in things I believe in. Unsurprisingly I ended up busier than ever.

I attended, or spoke at some fantastic conferences – TestBash, Let’s Test, Agile Cambridge, BBC Develop, and EuroSTAR. At each event I met, or re-acquainted with fantastic testers from around the world. My conference highlight of year was being involved in organising Pipeline. It took months of hard work but it was hugely satisfying to see the conference unfold on the day.

A few difficult months of writing and editing finally saw my contribution included in Build Quality In. If you’re interested in Continuous Delivery this book contains some fantastic accounts of how different teams have approached it. Steve and Matthew did a great job of selecting contributors and editing the submissions.

After many years of deferring I finally completed the Black Box Software Testing Foundation certificate, and attended James Bach’s RST course in Brighton. One day of Security Testing training with Bill Matthews completed my training for the year. My greatest takeaway from all of these courses was a realisation that I do have the time, and the desire, to learn. Hopefully I’ll be building on this in 2015.

Unexpectedly I found myself co-facilitating Weekend Testing Europe. Meeting, and having the opportunity to learn with the Weekend Testing attendees has been a pleasure. Alongside Neil and Dan I’m excited about the sessions we have (almost) planned for 2015.

Podcasts seemed to be a theme of my year. Steve and Dan were kind enough to have me on Testing in the Pub twice and I wrapped up my year with a great chat with Rosie for The Minitry of Testing Dojo.

Throughout 2014 I have thoroughly enjoyed all the interactions with so many testers – thank you to all of you.

Resolutions for 2015? Well I think I might have another go at being just a little less busy…

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