Testing In The Pub – Part one of my interview about Continuous Delivery

Part one of my interview with Testing in the Pub is now live. You can download it from

Here are a few links for further reading (can also be found in my comment on the Testing in the Pub website):
– The place to start –
– Etsy’s developer blog and in this post in particular –
– There are some interesting webinars available on
– Videos from the Pipeline conference –

In addition I personally enjoy the following blogs:

And soon there will be a great book of experience reports all about CD. OK so I might have a report included but It’s still going to be a great book 🙂

Please comment with links to other blogs or resources that you find interesting or useful.

Testing in a Continuous Delivery World

The video of my recent talk at the LondonCD Meetup group is now live. The talk was kindly filmed by BBC Future Media.

May 2014 – Amy Phillips – Testing in a Continuous Delivery World from Software Engineering Practice on Vimeo.

Slides are also available at

Testing in a Continuous Delivery World – LondonCD Meetup – May 2014

As always, any feedback is appreciated.